Create and view eye-catching widgets on all of your devices. 

With a powerful editor, you can tap into your creative side and make your own feature-rich widgets custom-tailored to the information and visuals you would like to see. In addition, you can share and import creations from other users around the world.

  • See beautiful widgets on your home screen using your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or Mac.*
  • Create your own widgets and share them with others.

Widgety has support for the following layer types:

  • Groups: Organize items into centered, horizontal, or vertical groups
  • Images: Import any image in jpeg or png format
  • Date and Time: Used for displaying things like current hour, minute, or seconds with a wide variety of fonts and effects
  • Weather: Using your current location, this item will show the current weather in numerous formats as well as future weather forecasts, precipitation percentage, and much more
  • Clock: Either as a Module or separate Items, you can display clock hands to create an analogue clock-face
  • Activity & Health: Steps and goals can be represented as rings, bars, or text
  • Device: Battery level and other device specific information


*Widgety for Mac requires macOS 11 Big Sur or later.


The Widgety Team

Mike Hill


Justin Alamar

Sylvain Guillier